We manufacture the Kenworth T800B Short Aero truck hood. CoreMat reinforced fenders with undercoating added to suppress starburst and cracking. Ready to install and guaranteed to fit. This hood is 52 inches long from front to back. The T800B short aero hood is for models with a Set back Axle and 4 square headlights. The difference between the T800A and T800B is the air intake hole on the inside and the back of the fender is curved, not straight like the T800A.

Hood Details

    • Part no.
    • KW-110
    • OEM make
    • shipping
    • 5' Pallet - approx. weight 220lbs.

Hood Specifications

    • Dimension (in)
    • 52
    • Model Years
    • Air Intake
    • More Information
    • - 4 square headlights - Back of fender, over the top following the contour to the headlight bezel is 44" - Has different hole inside for air than T800A - Back is curved